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AERAP Helpdesk - Practical Assistance for African-European Cooperation

You are interested in establishing a consortium or partnership with African and European members to push ahead your research activities in radio astronomy? You have a question about the conditions and rules of a certain call? You are looking for appropriate project partners from industry or academia?
In order to strengthen research and innovation in Europe and Africa and to enable major research and technological advances, AERAP offers proactive support throughout the whole process of building an African-European partnership.   
The AERAP Helpdesk support comprises the following services:

Early information on funding opportunities and upcoming calls for research and development cooperation projects (FP7, H2020, European Development Fund etc.).  Furthermore, we answer your questions about the conditions and the application procedure of these funding opportunities.

Bring together researchers and companies who are interested in radio astronomy cooperation projects by

  • creating a data base of interested African and European Radio Astronomers (in preparation)
  • facilitating the contact to potential industry partners
  • facilitating seed funding for proposal coordination meetings between African and European researchers
  • Guidance in writing proposals and contact to successful applicants
  • Advice in legal and financial matters 

If you are interested in one of these services or if you need any other support, please contact us at helpdesk@aerap.org or +32 2 8888 111.