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The Principles of Membership in AERAP

AERAP provides a platform for consultation and voluntary coordinated action and will not entail membership in a legal entity. No binding conditions of any kind are incurred through membership.

  • Members shall endeavour to participate in AERAP activities and contribute to AERAP objectives as they deem appropriate and in line with the AERAP Charter.
  • AERAP membership is open to any organisation, including universities, industry and research agencies, who wish to associate their activities with the objectives outlined in the AERAP Charter.
  • Membership is free of charge and participation in AERAP activities does not require any financial contribution from its members.
  • Members’ individual costs associated with participation in AERAP are the responsibility of the individual members. General coordination costs, including with regard to hosting of events, will be borne by members and/or third parties on an ad hoc voluntary basis as appropriate.

Principles of Governance of AERAP

  • Members shall adopt an annual work programme as the basis for AERAP activities
  • The members can constitute a bureau to facilitate coordination between meetings. The founding members meeting will indicate specific terms of reference to the bureau if they deem appropriate.
  • The AERAP Bureau will select a coordinator. The position as a bureau member shall not be subject to remuneration or to reimbursement of travel expenses.
  • One member shall take on the duties of AERAP secretariat, on a voluntary and rotating basis, to assist the Bureau in its activities.
  • On proposal of the members meeting, working groups could be established under the coordination of the bureau to explore issues deemed to be of particular importance to the objectives of AERAP.
  • AERAP members can participate in one or several Working Groups. Each Working Group shall elect its Chairperson.
  • Working groups shall prepare their own terms of reference for submission to the bureau

Opportunities offered by AERAP to its members shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  •     Early information on the latest policy and other developments relevant to radio astronomy cooperation.
  •     Facilitation of privileged access to African and European policymakers.
  •     Inclusion in a networking forum bringing together key players from private, public and research sectors.
  •     Regular exchange of information and best practice among key private and public actors and potential research partners.
  •     Opportunities to contribute to radio astronomy cooperation agendas.
  •     Access to discussion of new technology cooperation and market opportunities.
  •     Access to expert advice on securing funding for radio astronomy cooperation.

For more information on the membership and how to become a member of AERAP, please contact us: info@aerap.org or +32 2 8888 111

Please note that AERAP membership is free of charge.