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Horizon Europe 2021 - 2027

Horizon Europe

The next framework programme for European research and development will be called Horizon Europe and is scheduled to run from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2027. At the time of writing this update, mid-October 2019, broad political agreement has been reached on the Commission's proposals for Horizon Europe and other policy support mechanisms. However the budget has not been agreed and will not be until the new Commission is in place. This is likely to happen in early November 2019. The budget, more formally known as the Multiannual Financial Framework, will then be finalised. Once that happens, then work will start on the final budget for Horizon Europe, including what will be spent in each of the specific headings.

AERAP will be following the budget process closely and will report information here. In the meantime, information on Horizon Europe can be found at:



Horizon 2020 is a new framework programme for financing research and innovation in the European Union. According to the European Commission proposal, this program will be in practice from 2014 to 2020, with a dedicated budget of €79 billion. Horizon 2020 was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council at the end of November/beginning of December 2013. First Calls for Proposals were published on 11 December 2013. Horizon 2020 is part of the greater initiative to stimulate economic growth in Europe and boost employment opportunities, while at the same time strengthen and expand the Union’s scientific and technological base.

Horizon 2020 is among the largest funding instruments in the world for collaborative scientific research. With a three-pronged strategy targeting excellence in science, industrial leadership and societal challenges, it presents enormous opportunities for researchers and industry in Europe and around the world.


International Cooperation under Horizon 2020

International cooperation in research and innovation is a crucial part of Horizon 2020, which serves as a means for the European Union to achieve its higher level objectives. This requires joint action and sustained collaboration between EU countries as well as those outside the Union’s borders.

The core principles of the EU International Strategy for Research and Innovation are the following:

  • tackling global societal challenges such as climate change, sustainable agriculture and clean energy;
  • creating a continuous support for the Union’s external policies;
  • enhancing the Union’s excellence in research and innovation; and sustaining its economic competitiveness;
  • establishing a stronger partnership with Member States;
  • setting common principles for conduct of international cooperation;
  • developing a stronger role for Union in international organisations and multilateral fora;
  • ensuring a strengthened implementation, governance, monitoring and evaluation.